1626 Medical Center

El Paso, Texas 79902

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Julie Priego

PROGRAM Director

Ms. Julie Priego serves as the PRC Program Director, in her role she oversees the management, oversight of the program, financial and program planning of prevention services in coordination with other system agency funded services along with direct support to the program supervisor. Her education background consists of a Master of Science in Psychology, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. Ms. Priego is also an Advanced Certified Prevention Specialist. Ms. Priego states that her experience in community work has built  strong connections to individuals, schools, agencies and communities.

Michelle Millen


Michelle Millen is the Program Supervisor of the Prevention Resource Center (PRC) for Region 10 of Texas. Mrs. Millen is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English and American Literature, with a concentration in Cultural Studies. She was the Data Coordinator for PRC for two years before becoming the Program Supervisor. Her experience in the fields of education and substance use prevention has granted her unique ways to approach the community about ways to recognize and reduce substance use in our community.

Jose Minjarez

Tobacco Prevention Coordinator

Jose Minjarez holds the position of the Tobacco Prevention Coordinator. He oversees educating the Region 10 tobacco retailers on Texas tobacco law. The essential goal in mind for this position is preventing tobacco from reaching the hands of our youth. Mr. Minjarez strives to educate the community on having healthier lifestyles by reducing the misuse of substances. He has been in this position for 2 years and finds it very rewarding to be able to help make his community a safer and healthier place to live.